Suitability 7291 Saddle and Hay Bags Equestrian Sewing Pattern

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Suitability Equestrian Pattern
#7291: This pattern contains standard saddle bags, a horn bag, a cantle bag, two styles of hay feeding bags, and full bale and half bale hay carry bags. The saddle and horn bag flaps are fastened with hook-and-loop tape. Instructions are also given for using buckle fasteners on the saddle bags or making them insulated. The cantle bag has D-rings for attachment to a western saddle. Both hay feeding bags hold several flakes of hay. The simple round bag has D-rings at the top and on the back for tying the bag in place. The square bag with webbing grid for a “slow feed” effect has a D-ring and two tie-down loops on the back and a detachable adjustable strap. A top flap fastens on the back of the bag with hook-and-loop tape.
Square hay feeding bag: Approx. 20” H x 22” W x 7” D, volume of round bag is similar

Full bale bag: Approx. 17” H x 47” W x 19” D

Half bale bag: Approx. 17” H x 24” W x 19” D


Use sturdy, stiff water resistant fabrics. We recommend nylon Cordura®. Some outerwear fabrics, canvas, and some upholstery fabrics can also be used. Leather can be used for the saddle bags, but we do not give instructions for working with leather. Use nylon or polypropylene webbing where called for. Edge binding can be foldover braid, grosgrain ribbon, or other edge trim products.


SADDLE BAGS: 1 1/4 YDS of 45" or 60" wide fabric, 5 5/8 YDS of 1" edge binding (6 5/8 YDS for insulated bags), 14" of 1" wide hook-and-loop tape, two 1/2" grommets, thread. For buckled bags use four heavy duty 1" buckles and 2 YDS of 1" wide webbing instead of hook-and-loop tape. For insulated bags, use waterproof nylon or vinyl and insulation such as needlepunch or Thinsulate®. Insulated bags also need seam sealing product to make seams waterproof.

HORN BAG: 7/8 YD of 45" or 60" wide fabric, 4" of 1" wide webbing, 4 1/8 YDS of 1" edge binding, 7" of 1” wide hook-and-loop tape, two 1" rectangular or D-rings, thread.

CANTLE BAG: 5/8 YD of 45" or 60" fabric, 6" of 1" wide webbing, one 18" zipper, two 1" D-rings, thread.

ROUND HAY FEEDING BAG: 1 3/4 YDS of 45" wide fabric OR 1 1/8 YDS of 60" wide fabric, 3 1/2 YDS of 1" foldover braid, 1/2 YD of 1" wide webbing, three 1" D-rings, thread.

SQUARE HAY FEEDING BAG: 1 2/3 YDS of 45"/60" wide fabric, 1 3/4 YDS of of 1" wide webbing, 3 1/8 YDS of 1 1/2" wide webbing, three 1" D-rings, two 1 1/2" snap hooks, one 1 1/2" slider, thread.

FULL BALE BAG*: 2 7/8 YDS of 60" wide fabric, 3 1/4 YDS of 1" wide webbing, 83" of #7 or #10 coil zipper tape and matching non-locking zipper pull, six 1/4" or 1/2" grommets (optional).

HALF BALE BAG*: 2 1/4 YDS of 60" wide fabric, 3 1/4 YDS of 1" wide webbing, 61" of #7 or #10 coil zipper tape and matching non-locking zipper pull, four 1/4" or 1/2" grommets (optional).

*If using totally waterproof fabric install grommets for ventilation. Instead of using coil zipper tape you can use a sleeping bag zipper and cut off the excess.

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