Suitability 6100 Western Yokes and Appliques Pattern

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Suitability Equestrian Pattern
#6100: This pattern gives you the yoke and separate appliqué pieces to add to your favorite top, vest, or jacket pattern. Four sizes are given for each design to fit both women’s and girl’s sizes- you will have to do some redrawing and adjusting to fit your specific size and garment. The pattern instructions tell you how. Of course you can mix and match to design your one-of-a-kind creation!

We recommend buying the pattern and reading the instructions all the way through before buying materials. 

The instructions assume that you are using leather or faux leather.  Real leather is sold by the square foot, in full or partial hides.  We recommend using garment leather of no more than 2 oz.  Cowhide and lambskin are good choices.

Faux leather can be Ultraleather™, Ultrasuede™, or pleather.  These fabrics are very easy to sew.

Both real and faux leather scraps are often sold by the pound or bundle.  These are perfect for small appliqué shapes.


We do not give exact yardages, because there are so many different combinations of yokes, appliqués, and collars.  For example you might use the same leather for the yoke and the collar of your garment, and different color leathers for the various appliqués and yoke borders.  Once you finalize your design as described in the instructions, lay out all the pieces to calculate the yardage required.  If using real leather you will have to talk to your leather supplier to figure out how much to buy.

Rough estimates of 45” material required for the yokes alone are 3/8-1/2 YD for women’s and larger girls’ sizes and 1/3-3/8 YD for smaller girls’ sizes.


Tissue paper for making the patterns fitted to your garment pattern;  regular paper for trying out appliqué designs;  temporary spray fabric adhesive;  transfer paper (found in the quilting supply section of your fabric store) to transfer appliqué design, it comes in black or white for light or dark fabrics respectively;  glue-on crystals, rhinestones or other embellishments;  permanent washable fabric glue.

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