Past Pattern Anson Shirt Waist: Circa 1899 Sewing Pattern

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Pattern #1687: Anson Shirt Waist: Circa 1899

Size: 36" bust.

This pattern was published by The Demorest-Ledger Pattern Company. Originally the pattern was described as "A most attractive and simple design for a shirt-waist. There is a deep round yoke front and back, with the body of the waist full both at the top and bottom front and back. Sleeve is regulation length. The waist portion below the yoke will prove a good design to make up waists to be worn with guimpes." Minimal directions. Pattern dates circa 1899.

Suggested fabrics: Silk, woolen and cotton fabrics. The colors were harmonious or monochromatic schemes heightened with vivid touches of strong color (particularly red).

Materials required: 3-1/4 Yds. 36" wide.

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