Past Pattern #706 Petticoat & Drawers Undergarments Underclothes 1800s Style Sewing Pattern by the Pattern (pastpattern706)

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Civil War Era Past Pattern
#706 1850s-1870s Petticoat & Drawers.
This pattern multi-sized 8 through 26.

Throughout the nineteenth century, drawers were generally two tubes that frequently overlapped at the front and were either set into a waistband. The petticoat is the typical gathered petticoat set into a waistband buttoned in the back. The original sizes is worn over a small, 70" to 90" hoop. To wear it over a larger hoop, 135" and up, simply cut two of the back panel. The fabric to use today to imitate the original is a medium-weight, high thread count white cotton sheeting.

The Drawers sizes 8-14 requires 2-1/2 Yds. of 45" wide fabric, for sizes 16-20: 2-7/8 Yds., for sizes 22-26: 3-1/8 Yds.

The Petticoat sizes 8-14 requires 3-3/8 Yds. of 45" wide fabric, for sizes 16-20: 3-5/8 Yds., for sizes 22-26: 3-7/8 Yds. The wider Petticoat in sizes 8-14 requires: 4-1/2 Yds., sizes 16-20: 4-3/4 Yds., sizes 22-26: 5-1/8 Yds.

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