Past Pattern #038 A Partially Boned Transition Stay Stays Corset Sewing Pattern Only (pastpattern038)

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Past Pattern 
#038 A Partially Boned Transition Stay  Drafted from the Original at the Connecticut Historical Society, Circa 1793-1820

Order this pattern in sizes 8-26 (bust 31-1/2 - 48).  Purchase 45"-wide fabric in the following amounts: Sizes 8 - 14 require 7/8 yd.; sizes 16 - 20 require 1 yd.; sizes 22 - 26 require 1-1/8 yds.  The #038 pattern was pulled, with permission, from the Connecticut Historical Society stay number 1963-42-4. The pattern package contains Past Patterns' Background Notes, published for the first time, reviewing differences among eighteenth-century stays, transition stays of the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, and classic stays of the first quarter of the nineteenth century through the early twentieth century. The Background Notes also show detailed drawings of transition stays in museum and private collections, plus contemporary documentation dating the Connecticut Historical Society stay to between the late eighteenth century and 1820. Additional illustrations from advertisements, catalog companies, United States patent records, and ladies' magazines of 1840-1899, as well as original garments, document cupped stays made both at home and commercially. These garments were in addition to, if not a complete substitute for, the stiff and inflexible, waist-compressing item that most people imagine when the word corset is mentioned today. Detailed illustrated fitting and construction instructions complete the package.

This pattern is copyrighted and is for personal non-commercial use only.

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