Moda Kansas Troubles Quilter's Cotton Fabric Scraps - Sold by the 3 lbs - Scrap Bag Bolt End Pieces Remnants Assorted Kansas Troubles Quality Cotton Fabrics Sewing Scrappy Quilting Stash, Scrap Quilts, Applique, and More! Bag of Scraps (M221.14)

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Field's Fabrics Kansas Troubles by Moda - Quilter’s Cotton Fabric Scrap Bag

Our stash-building scrap bag gives you a well balanced assortment of Kansas Troubles cotton prints for an exceptional price in the colors you know and love: cream, tan, gold, orange, green, blue, red, purple, and black.

Perfect for adding some new life to your stash, this selection will be a variety of colors, prints, and sizes. 

These pieces can be used for a wide array of projects, including but not limited to, scrap quilts, applique, 

pillowcase cuffs, rugs, small pieced projects, or simply building up your cotton stash.

This will be the most fun you’ve received in the mail all day!

The Details:

  • 100% Quality Quilter’s Cotton Fabric
  • Each bag will be similar to the photographed
  • 3 lbs of fabric 
  • Approx. 20-30 pieces per bag (8+ yards)
  • Fabric pieces vary from 3”- 35” x width of fabric (42”-45”) with an occasional fat quarter thrown in.

Please note: We are not able to pick and choose individual prints from the listing photos as these are assorted scrap bags, pre-made by our staff. 

The photos are a sample representation to give you an idea of the amount and types of fabric that come in our scrap selections. 

Each bundle will be unique as stock is constantly changing and new fabrics are continually added. 

Combine other Fabrics from our store for shipping discount.

Not intended for use in children's sleepwear.

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