Great Copy Blanket Jacket Sewing Pattern

Great Copy Blanket Jacket Sewing Pattern

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Great Copy Pattern - Classic Lines, Classic Styles, Patterns for classic women.
#805: The Blanket Jacket is a slightly cropped jacket with elastic in the back for a full, blouson fit. The jacket features turned back sleeve cuffs, side pockets and shoulder pads. This pattern is specifically designed for Polartec@ and other similar fleece. It can also be sewn from ready-made afghans.

Suggested fabric:
Polartec™, tapestry, coatings, denim and other medium to heavy fabrics. Ready made afghans (2 ply weight).

Fabric required:

    54" 60'
Ex-Small - Medium 2¼ yards 2¼ yards
Large 2½ yards 2¼ yards
Ex-Large 2½ yards 2½ yards

If you select afghans for the jacket, you'll need 2 size 48" by 68" 2-ply weight. Afghans with all over designs are best. If the afghan has a border, it can be utilized on the lapels and collar. Be sure to note one-way designs before cutting.

1 yard - 1¼ " elastic
Two 1"- 1¼ " buttons
¾ yard light-medium weight fusible interfacing
Tracing material (to trace the front and back pattern pieces)
Matching thread ½" shoulder pads

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